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CDR’s colleagues at ASAN are doing an alert this time on change.org.  For those who were around last summer there were disability protectors (most of our LOCAL ADAPT Chapter) who were in front of the ABVI GoodWill in Stoneridge plaza fighting the facts that paying disability individuals a below minimum wage is discrimination!!!

I personally believe paying people under minimum wages is slave labor and the community calls this concept sheltered workshops.  ManyThis means these disability individuals separated from normal work environment and make them earn under the minimum wage requirements.  In my humble opinion, just to keep them away and busy from the community. 

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Subject: ACTION ALERT: Tell Goodwill to Stop Exploiting Disabled Workers

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Last Friday, NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams aired a major expose on Section 14c of the Fair Labor Standards Act, a 1930s era loophole in federal labor law that lets hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities be paid less than minimum wage. As the story reported, Goodwill Industries International and their affiliates are one of the worst offenders, with thousands of employees being paid less than minimum wage. At the same time, Goodwill pays its executives handsomely. Goodwill’s CEO, John Gibbons, was paid $729,000 in salary and deferred compensation in 2011. Goodwill CEOs across the country frequently receive exorbitant compensation. The CEO of Goodwill’s affiliate in Portland, Oregon made over $500,000, while Goodwill of Southern California paid the jaw-dropping sum of $1.1 million to their CEO. Salaries for Goodwill CEOs at affiliates paying less than minimum wage totaled over $20 million.

If Goodwill can afford to pay its executives such exorbitant salaries, it can afford to do right by disabled workers. Help us hold them accountable. Using the link below, you can send a message to Goodwill’s senior leadership telling them that until they end the use of subminimum wage, they won’t have your donations or your support. Americans with disabilities deserve better. Shame on you, Goodwill Industries.

Take Action!

PO Box 66122 | Washington, DC 20035 US

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