I was honored to be part of the ADAPT’s National Fun*Runner on May 1st. We walked around the Upper Senate Park in Washington, DC. I have joined with hundreds of dedicated advocates at the nation’s Capitol to speak up for disability rights and raise money for ADAPT’s future campaigns.

What is ADAPT and why should you support it?

ADAPT is the country’s largest grassroots direct-action disability rights organization. For almost 30 years, members of ADAPT have been defending the freedoms of people with disabilities. In the 80’s, they demonstrated across the country to pave the way for accessible transportation and education. Thanks in part to ADAPT, the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed.

Without such direct action and advocacy by organizations such as ADAPT, I wouldn’t have had the same life experiences living with a disability. Education, transportation, public accommodations have never been far out of reach for me thanks to their efforts in the past. Although much has been achieved in the disability rights movement, there is much more work to be done.

Today, ADAPT is spearheading the campaign to defend the rights of people with disability to live freely in the community. With the economy in the dumps and budget cuts looming, local and federal governments are looking to save money at the expense of everyone and everything – and that includes myself and others with disabilities.

Below are some photos for you to view of the second day of the event.

From ADAPT Fun*Run May 1, 2011, posted by Dean DeRusso on 5/02/2011 (20 items)

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