I hope you have got CDR/RCIL ADA Week’s Deaf Day event on July 28 from 3 pm to 7 pm at 497 State Street, Rochester, NY.

I was going to send several emails out to the community with the next four links to video blogs that the agency has created. I figured I will do that on facebook and twitter. But, please visit the videos below. They are awesome!!

Below is an advertisement video blog made by our intern, Frances Sorrentino. She’s here to help us out for a while. I’m very
impressed with her first video blog. Check out her video:

I don’t know how many of you know that CDR, RCIL and AAY use the CDR’s staff interpreter Stephanie DiLauria to help with
communications among hearing and deaf people in the agency. Check out her video:

Many people are always asking about the programs that CDR provides such as NHTD, TBI, and CDPAS programs. We had Stephanie interpreter for April Shiebler to explain these programs. Check out April’s video:

Often people feel frustrated with one to one peer support needs. We have a staff named Erin Phillips the RCIL’s Living Specialist do a
brief video of her services. Please keep in mind that she can help anyone… yeah anyone with information about self-advocacy advocacy, information, refferals, employment, social security or other kind of issues. Her position is to ensure that the deaf, deaf-blind and hard of hearing individuals remain independent in the community. Keep in mind her appointments are confidential and also free: Check out her video:

Often we forget about this guy. Bruce Letzelter who has been at CDR for past few years. He is the Medicaid Services Coordinator who helps those with physical or mental disabilities with their needs in their lives. It’s important to know he is here and available in the
community. Check out his video:

I would like to remind everyone that at the Deaf Day there will be other vendors presented. Some of the vendors are listed below:

  • Verizon Wireless
  • Sprint VRS
  • Purple Communications
  • National Center for Deaf Health Research (NCDHR)
  • Deaf Wellness Center
  • DHH Insurance
  • Sign Language Connection
  • Scentsy Wickless Candles
  • Rochester City Police
  • And, yeah the CDR/RCIL’s departments and stars of the videos!

We have two Presentations as well come check them out:

  • 4:30 pm: NCDHR about Deaf Health will be presented by Dr. Scott Smith and Matthew Starr’s
  • And, Sprint VRS

Don’t forget that the cool part is that Verizon Wireless is going to install VRS software in their IPhone and Droid application for the
community to test them. This would be awesome time to test the product.

Please spread words to your friends. We will provide interpreters at the event and hope to see you tomorrow on July 28 from 3 to 7 pm at 497 State Street, Rochester, NY!

You can find a flyer of the event at the below link that will download from the below link:

Hope to see you at the event!

Thank you,

Dean DeRusso
Deaf Systems Advocate

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