Everyone needs a calendar, and the Deaf community now has a page-a-day desk calendar of its own, commemorating our history, past and contemporary achievers, places, milestones, and trivia tidbits. With over 300 photos and illustrations, several in color, it’s an attractive way to mark the days and an enjoyable way to learn a bit about our heritage, the legacy of creativity, ingenuity, and success by Deaf people, and the  exciting things being done by today’s ASL performers, artists, and advocates. Some of the profiles included herein are well-known inside and outside the community. Others have been all but forgotten.

The DEAF LIFE 2012 Calendar is a perfect gift for a friend, teacher, student, relative, sweetheart—or yourself. A portion of the proceeds will benefit schools for the deaf and other good causes.

DEAF LIFE Informed FerretRex Advocacy owner would like others to give this Deaf Live Code: FRXDLC to help see how many visitors from the web have ordered.  We will get nothing in return but be nice to know how many purchased from this website.

Order yours today:

You can reserve your’s today by clicking on the above image or visiting the below Deaf Store link:

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Dean DeRusso
FerretRex Advocacy 

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