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Below is a video blog related to National Association of the Deaf (NAD) recent announcement about an exciting new opporunity to allow Deaf people become truck drivers. NAD is giving deaf people the opportunity to sign up for their CDL A and B License with and without air brakes and drive national wide. This is an upgrade from Class B
without airbrakes as previously agreed with the Department of Transportation. If you have a friend with a good driving record and wants to become a truck driver, now is the time to contact NAD at one of below contacts:


Below are some past videos and articles that were shared with community for your review:

Video Blog of Deaf Truckers Advocacy Part IV: Good news for Deaf Truckers by NAD:

Video Blog of Deaf Truckers Advocacy Part III Brenda Palmigiano’s Update

Video Blog of Deaf Truckers Advocacy Part II with Brenda Palmigiano Story

Video Blog of Truck Driving is about Skill not… Hearing!

Past email of NAD Announcement to the community:

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Dean DeRusso
Deaf Systems Advocate

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