Dear friends,

Today is December 8th, time to “ROC the Day” for the Center for Disability Rights and the United Way of Greater Rochester. For just 24 hours, nearly all of Rochester and the surrounding areas are involved in this big push for online contributions. It’s as easy as going to this link and following the directions:

If you have any doubts about why to donate to CDR, please consider Jensen’s story. Jensen’s recent blog about his efforts to leave a nursing home is on CDR’s website at The short version is this… Jensen is one of the most charismatic young people I’ve ever met. He’s now in his early 20s… and after over five long years, he just got out of a nursing home three months ago.

When the county was about to deny him home care — for the third time — Jensen reached out to me and asked for help. I got him connected with our advocacy staff, who helped him appeal the county’s decision in Fair Hearing. Jensen’s case was clear to the Administrative Law Judge and now Jensen is home, receiving services from a variety of providers and living the independent life every young adult wants and deserves.

Please “ROC the Day” with CDR and help us ensure that all people, young or old, are able to live in the independence they want and deserve.

My sincere thanks for considering,

Chris Hilderbrant
Chief Operating Officer
Center for Disability Rights


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