Hi everyone…

Your maybe seeing this message all day today. For the next 24 hours, there will be donations to help between different agencies. Some people might prefer to help Regional Center for Independent Living (RCIL) with the United Way of Greater Rochester. There are many other local business that are working on this online contribution such as Center for Disability Rights. They are doing this for a good cause to help improve the community. You can make your online donations anytime on December 8 easily by visiting the following link: http://bit.ly/RCILRocDay

This email is for RCIL donators and supporters. For the past many years, RCIL has been assisting many people with all kinds of disabilities to live indepedent and active in the community. We have pushed to help people find affordable homes. We have referred them to services that they deserve. Many visitors come to our agency concern that they need assist on few things. We help them with our loan closet that allows them to borrow different equipments free of charge for a limit time.

We have also been focusing on deaf and hard of hearing people’s civil rights and needs in the community. Without RCIL System Advocacy support Truck Drivers might not have got a step closer to receiving a waiver to drive without hearing aids. And, many other great things are happening today.

If you would like to support RCIL for their past work, please feel free to visit the following link and donate to RCIL and United Way of Greater Rochester: http://bit.ly/RCILRocDay

Hope you can support RCIL on December 8th to ROC the Day!

Thank you,

Dean DeRusso
Deaf Systems Advocate
Regional Center for Independent Living (RCIL)

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