Hi everyone,

I know many of you might be thinking not again. But I feel that this cause is important and that is why I am contacting you again. I would never know if I missed someone unless I ask again. Some people, said that they need the reminder. But, for those who already sponsored me, thank you very much, because your support will make a difference those who are attending.

I figured maybe I should bring up another reason why I am here. I remember when I first joined this fundraiser; I did not see how deafness connected to Medicaid or Home Care services.

I don’t know how many of you know that Senator Tom Hawkins from Iowa who has a deaf brother that wanted home care services. Tom knows that nursing homes did not provide effective communication for his brother. He ended up paying out of his own pocket to provide that service before it became a law. He always supported ADAPT because he knew they were fighting for the way to save our country money and the service that gives them freedom to choice what is best for themselves.

Last year, Senator Tom Hawkins gave a speech outside of the Capital in front of all of the ADAPT members who came to Washington DC. He was saying that ADAPT ongoing mission to protect Medicaid and Homecare always makes a difference in the US Capital and he applaud them for
their ongoing loyalty for many who depend on them.

One thing, is that the difference will not happen without your support. This means the real people who made the difference are those who donate like yourself. You can help them by sponsor me at the below link:


For those in Rochester, there is also another opporunity!

We are also providing another option for those who would rather see us in person and enjoy some agonstic music. We already invited three different musicians known as John Akers, Deborah Magone and Suzanne Monroe. They are going to be there until their hands drop. CDR posted these musicians video on their website at the below link:

http://bit.ly/HiYGQz <http://bit.ly/HiYGQz >

Come join us on April 19 and help make this difference!

Event: Easy Listening Easy Giving
What : Benefit Concert for ADAPT Fun Run
Where: Easy on East, 170 East Avenue, Rochester NY 14604
When: April 19th, 6-10pm
Cost: $5 suggested donation.

Download JPG Image of Flyer:

Download PDF document of Flyer:

For more information about the concert and event please contact Jenny Phillips at (585) 546-7510 or email at jp*******@cd****.org for more information.

If you would like to ask me more questions directly, feel free to contact me at the below information. I’ll be happy to answer any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Dean DeRusso
Deaf Systems Advocate

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