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I wonder how many of you used the Capwiz alert that will send an email to Assembly member David F. Gantt.  Because, currently he is the chairperson of transportation in the assembly.  Last year, the Assembly did not move the bill.  The senate moved from transportation to the floor.  It was successfully passed.  The only thing that stopped us was the assembly because it never left the transportation committee that Gantt is chairperson.

Again, this year the senate moved the bill and passed it in April.  But, the assembly bill has not yet move to the floor.  We need your help to get the bill on the floor of the assembly.  This bill will get a permanent waiver from the hearing requirement in state of New York State.  When this happens, we can start working on the federal level.  Many Deaf people who have a dream to be a truck driver need your help. The capwiz can be found at below tiny url link:

Currently, Brenda Palmigiano who has been a self-advocate on pushing for a regulation to get the permanent waiver from the hearing physical examation to get her CDL A License.  She feel strongly that this regulation is Audism.  She asking for your help to watch her video blog and fill out her survey below.

Adding a bit history, she was recently struggling with two different agency giving two different results about hearing level.  One agency passed her while the other one declined.  This caused her to struggle on her employment opporunities as a deaf trucker.

She decided to visit a book store and reviewed all books to see if the word Audism is found in them. Please watch this video to learn more about her finding and fill out the survey below of your thoughts.

Below is the survey link.  We hope that you will fill it out with best possible that you can.  And, yes we are inviting the general population to fill out the survey.  That means, hearing, deaf, truck drivers and non truck drivers.  We want to see what the community feels.

Again, we hope you filled out our capwiz action alert at below link, to tell  Assembly member David F. Gantt to get the Deaf Truck Driver’s bill that will allow them to get a permanent waiver from the hearing regulations in New York State to the floor of the assmebly to be voted by the assembly.

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Dean DeRusso
Deaf Systems Advocate
Regional Center for Independent Living (RCIL)

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