Interview with Sheri Ann Farinha (June 29, 2012)

What can you contribute to NAD?

She said that most of what she can contribute to NAD can be found on her website . She believes that she is the person who can make deaf and hard of hearing people more inclusive with NAD.  She has strong skills in politics and social changes in the government that could bring NAD many solutions.  But, I believe that that these changes can happen if all of the deaf and hard of hearing community work together as a group with all respect to the different diversity.  She believes that with her past experiences with the legislatives is one of her very most important gift of what she can contribute to NAD.  Because, today NAD’s real battles is to beat the industry giants who have a lot of money like Alexander G Bell organization.  She does not believe that money can stop us because NAD needs to use the grassroots communities out there to build people power that will not stop us.  With this power, she can help NAD put more focus on education, ASL and bring these things to the legislators.  And, she believes that there should be many other key issues brought up to the United States Legislators.

What do you believe in?

She believes in focusing on a new ERA of a strong leadership and bring up new ideas.  She believes that ASL and English education, deaf schools and other rights of the deaf and hard of hearing needs should be brought to all people and state associations.

Why are you the one the delegates should vote for you?

She knows that she is integrity person that the delegates can trust.  She is a doer who always gets results not a person who is all talk.  She will walk the talk. All of this will show on her track record and resumes that will show on her website.  These things show that she is a leader.  She wants to work on a way that all delegates can work together to train everyone to success.  She promises the delegate that if they vote for her she will create a national think tank group for everyone to join to create new ideas and plans for the future of NAD.

What changes will be made if you are president of NAD?

#1:  She wants to be sure the priorities are done by help of the headquarter and make sure that the Board creates a think tank to be sure that NAD does not forget things that we might not have thought of.

#2:  She wants to create a national think tank that will focus on education, ASL, deaf schools and many more important needs of the deaf and hard of hearing community.  She wants to be sure that this includes the grassroots, diversity and other deaf and hard of hearing community to become a huge team in the way that their work will be visible across country.

#3: She wants NAD to become more visual to many local areas and open to all diversity of people in the community.

#4:  She would like to create one membership fee of NAD and state associations again.  She feels that right now too many people in the community are confused about the difference between the NAD and State Association.

Further Goals listed on website:

In collaboration with the CEO of NAD, and in alignment with the 2012 NAD Conference Mandates, the following are goals I will pursue when elected President of NAD:

Overarching Goals:

  • Fortify the Heart & Soul of the NAD and its Mission as a Civil Rights Organization
  • Preserve, Protect and Promote Respect and Rights for All Deaf Americans
  • Advocate for Equality and Quality of Life: Access, ASL, Education, Employment and Community
  • Strengthen Relationships among State Associations & Affiliates, Diverse Organizations, Allies and Constituents towards achieving Mutual Goals
  • Ensure growth in Memberships, Alliances, and Resources

Enhance Processes which will:

  • Support effective collaborations for success with NAD Headquarters, Board, and Key Diverse Deaf Stakeholders, in groups and in virtual communities of shared interests
  • Ensure open, inclusive and transparent processes for frequent communications and effective, broad-based participation
  • Develop and nurture key relationships with the White House, Congress, and Government Entities with effective leaders and expanded networks, based on Conference priorities and needs

What is important for NAD and the Community?

She believes that NAD needs to create more bridges with the deaf and hard of hearing community.   She believes that NAD needs to stop the fighting among many diversity groups out there in the community and find ways to collaborate in a way that they will look at each other with respect.  She believes that these people skills can be used with all diversity such as people of color, youth, seniors, gay, and lesbians.   She believes that this can be done with her idea of the National Think Tank.

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