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I noticed strong social media resources being done on Facebook and Twitter with the National Association of the Deaf future president.  There are currently two candidates that feel that they qualify to be the future president of NAD’s Board of Directors.

I will be there as an Alternate Delegate.  It does not mean that I will be voting, however, if a delegate does not show up then I will be the person who is voting.  Each candidate was asked five questions that were:

  • What can you contribute to NAD?
  • What do you believe in?
  • Why are you the one the delegates should vote for you?
  • What changes will be made if you are president of NAD?
  • What is important for NAD and the Community?

Both candidates were given the opportunity to review what I wrote and revise it to what they felt was necessary for everyone to read.

If anyone wants my thoughts, I was very well pleased with both of them.  They both were honest and fair with me.  Both of them, gave up their busy schedule to make the time to do an interview.  I at this time feel that I want to be fair to them to hold any further thoughts for the conference.   I decided to order them by their first name of ABC.  Please read both of them:

Chris Wagner’s interview can be found below:

Sheri Ann Farinha interview can be found below:

At the same time, can you all do a survey to help me better view what people in the community feel and think of this situation.   The survey can be found at below link:


Thank you,  Dean DeRusso

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