For past years, CDR/RCIL have been visiting the  (ROC) Greater Rochester International Airport Departures & Arrivals to be sure that it is accessible for all people.  Right now, we are planning to visit the airport sometime soon.  We would like your input about how you feel about the airport by filling out our survey below.

In the past, we got these complains that are listed below.  And, we welcome you to use them again if you remember that problem.

  1. Lack of visual signs of location to the Video Phone and impossible to make calls from that phone.
  2. Only way to request for assistance was by using a voice phone, made harder for deaf to request help.
  3. Not deaf-blind friendly in many parts of airport
  4. Intertype device was not availble when needed
  5. Security was afraid to tap deaf person on shoulder
  6. Lost lungages and could not find anyone to be patience with them
  7. Front desk seem looking for someone to help communicate with deaf not directly with the deaf person.
  8. Announcements are missed by both hearing and deaf (hearing person could not hear inside the airport and wanted LCD display to review what they missed), staff were not willing to write to deaf
  9. Visitors would like have signing or deaf staff inside ROC airport.
  10. Information desk was not willing to communicate information to deaf people
  11. And many more…


  1. Application for Airport seem to make things easier
  2. Some people said that they had no problem getting in and out


Thank you,

Dean DeRusso
Deaf Systems Advocate
Regional Center for Independent Living (RCIL)

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