I have been subscribing Deaf Life and they told me that they are still in business.  I figured that I normally send out systems changes.  But, in here I plan to inform the community that Deaf Life is close to 200th issue… this is a history moment of 200 issues sharing stories of many successful deaf leaders and information about deaf life. Please read…


DEAF LIFE is celebrating another milestone—its 200th issue (August 2012). This contains full-color thumbnails of every DEAF LIFE cover, starting with July 1988 up through July 2012.

The 200th issue also includes a retrospective, recounting how NTID/RIT alumnus Matthew S. Moore came to believe in the power of mass media to change public attitudes towards Deaf people and founded the Student Communication Center, and founded his tiny, independent multimedia company after he graduated. MSM Productions, Ltd. marked its 25th anniversary in 2009.

Moore’s first independent production was an innovative magazine-format TV pilot, Deaf Magazine. It aired on Rochester’s local ABC affiliate on June 23, 1984, and got unanimously favorable reviews. Due to lack of funding, Moore was unable to produce further episodes of Deaf Magazine.

Instead, he founded DEAF LIFE as a monthly magazine, to give the Deaf Community visibility, and to provide enlightenment to hearing readers, those familiar and unfamiliar with Deaf issues. Both quality of content and visual appeal are emphasized. Since its launch, DEAF LIFE has published original stories and authorized reprints on all sorts of Deaf–related topics: newsmakers, achievers, controversies, science, education, schools for the deaf, NTID, Gallaudet University, Ohlone College’s Deaf Studies Division, SouthWest Collegiate Institute for the Deaf, genetics, cochlear implants, political issues, performing arts, Deaf visual artists, history, biography, sports, deaf pets, Deaf people in nontraditional fields, legal and court issues, telecommunications, new books.

Moore says, “Looking back, we at DEAF LIFE are proud of what we’ve accomplished. But we’re never satisfied. There is always something more to be done, stories to be told, information that the public ought to know (and may not be getting from mass-media outlets), and history to be recorded. And so many things to celebrate.”

For more info, visit  http://www.deaflife.com


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