Hello Everyone,

It’s that time again!  Time for the Candidate Forum on Disability Issues.  We’re really excited about this year’s forum as there are a number of other agencies on board.  We will be having a lot of new people attending as well as our usual great turnout of candidates.  If you hadn’t heard, this year’s forum will be at The Museum of Play at The Strong…(aka The Butterfly Museum), 1 Manhattan Square Drive. on Tuesday, October 9th from 6 – 8pm. 

Our moderator this year is Bill Moran from WCMF’s The Break Room!

We need your help to make this another success!  Below are some roles we need filled for the evening and your help would be greatly appreciated:

  • 2 people (minimum) to be at the Registration Table.
  • 2 people to guide folks coming in through the hallway from the entrance to the Activity Room.
  • Time Keeper (2 people could do this)
  • Microphone runner
  • 1 person to help voters at the “Ballot Printing Station” (sounds cool, doesn’t it?)
  • and of course we need you to be there as interested, informed voters!

Please let me know which job you would like to fill on Tuesday.  Thanks!

David Atias
Assistant Director of Advocacy
Center for Disability Rights (CDR)

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