Hurricane Sandy Preparations.

If you’re on the East Coast, Hurricane Sandy is probably all you’re thinking about- and how to keep your family safe in an emergency. We understand how you feel. Our offices in Silver Spring, MD, are closed so NAD staff and volunteers can be with their families during the largest storm ever to hit the Atlantic in recent years.

It’s important to remember a few items as you make preparations for Hurricane Sandy:

-Pack an emergency kit. In your emergency kit, be sure to include a pad of paper, pens and pencils, hearing aid batteries, a working flashlight, chargers for your mobile devices, medication, insurance information, and a list of emergency contact e-mail addresses, text numbers and voice numbers.

-Identify your local shelter. There are many city shelters open in cities across the East Coast. Identify your local evacuation shelter and map out a route so you know how to get there safely. Red Cross shelters, as well as city and county shelters, accept service animals, so be sure to pack enough dog kibble for Fido for at least three days. If there’s no way to get to your local shelter safely, be sure to check for the latest updates.

-Find out how to contact your local police. Write down local numbers for your police, fire and utility services, and add state relay numbers to that list. Dust off that TTY and plug it in, so it can charge if it is battery-operated, or make sure your CapTel is ready if you need it. If your mobile device stops working, you may need to use your TTY or CapTel to contact your local authorities to report a downed tree, a live power wire, or a power outage in your area.

-Contact your family and friends. The best way to let everyone know that you are safe is to update your social networks. Remember that power lines could go out, so don’t rely on your videophone or WiFi network- update your social networks now before you lose power or Internet connectivity. Start following your mayor, FEMA, CNN or the National Weather Service on Twitter, and get the latest updates on your Twitter feed.

Remember, the best way to get updates on Hurricane Sandy is to visit

Get Out and Vote!

Be sure to visit your county clerk website to confirm that you are registered to vote. It’s more important than ever to vote- the election will take place next week!

Take the time to look at a sample ballot for your county, so you understand the issues you’ll be voting on next week. Find out where, when and who you’ll be voting for before November 6!

Excellent information on the importance of voting is provided in American Sign Language (ASL) at:

Registration deadlines have passed in some states, but some states still allow people to register and some even allow registration on Election Day! Find out when your state’s registration deadline is at this website:

Those on the East Coast in the path of Superstorm Sandy may need to revise their early voting plans in states that allow early voting. Please monitor news from your election sites so you do not miss your opportunity to vote. The rest of the country can proceed to participate in the early voting process as planned. Check if and when you can vote early by visiting:

Get out and VOTE! Your rights depend on it!

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