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Deaf Life just emailed me and asked me to inform everyone that the deadline for the community to share their stories and thoughts about Audism is due tomorrow (Friday, February 15, 2013).  If you were planning to send it soon, now is a good time to send your story and input.

Please send to de**************@gm***.com soon!

Thank you, Dean

Please read below past email message:

DEAF LIFE is planning a cover feature about audism. I’m thinking about a “round-table” approach, in which several eminent Deaf people (teachers, advocates, and grassroots readers), and some hearing allies of the Deaf community,share their views. (We consider audism a problem that affects deaf AND hearing people.)

Some questions to jump-start:

As we know, Tom Humphries coined the term audism in his 1975 doctoral dissertation, paralleling racismand sexism—an oppressive mindset towards the Deaf community, based on the belief that Hearing values are superior to Deaf values.

Does audism truly exist? 

What has been your direct (or indirect) experience with it?

Has audism existed since the beginning of history? Won’t it continue to be a problem as long as there’s a vibrant Deaf community? 

Is it possible for ASL-using Deaf people to practice audism against each other? (I understand Dr. Genie Hertz’s definition of dyconscious audism, an internalization of audist oppression manifested by a deaf person.)

What can we do to combat it? 

How can we solve this intractable problem? Is it possible to overcome?

Any other comments you’d like to make? Your input is welcome.

I would also like a good high-resolution, large-file headshot.

Deadline is the beginning of January, so (hopefully) this will give you time to work out a good response.


Matthew S. Moore
Publisher, DEAF LIFE & DEAF LIFE Japan
President, Deaf Life Japan Company


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