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Tell Your State Legislators to Support Your Freedom & Independence!
Make sure protections are included in managed care implementation

In the past, many nursing homes institutions did not provide communication access to the deaf and hard of hearing members in the institutions. These deaf individuals became lonely. Managed care was a way out where the deaf and hard of hearing individual became their own boss of the direct care services. They could appoint their preferred language care such as appointing someone who knows their culture, language and habits For example, a deaf person with other disability could appoint a person who knew America Sign Language (ASL). This gave them the opportunity to train, hire and appoint the correct person to make sure they were not lonely and integrated in the community. Let’s support Managed care!!! Don’t take away the Freedom and Independence of the individuals.

Managed care has the potential to reform how states provide long term services and supports and can transform the system so that it supports Olmstead implementation and our right to live and receive services and supports in the most integrated setting.

Will New York State use managed care to promote consumer direction and community living or use managed care as a mechanism to cut vital community-based services?

Managed care does NOT have to mean the erosion of our rights and services, but it will not be implemented in a way that supports our right to live in the community if we don’t take action now.

It’s up to us to ensure that managed care is implemented the right way! Tell your Legislators how they can support your independence and freedom through the New York State budget.

Take Action: http://capwiz.com/rochestercdr/issues/alert/?alertid=62430021

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