Hi Everyone,

Are you tired of seeking employment with no results?  Would you like a different approach on improving employment?  The Regional Center for Independent Living (RCIL) is looking for volunteers to participate in an Employment Advocacy project.  We need your help!!!

We are interested in inviting you to our office on April 4 from 5 to 7 pm:

497 State Street
Rochester, NY, 14606

Who can join? Anyone! You do not actually need to be seeking a job to get involved. Whether you have a disability or not, if you are interested in volunteering, please feel free to contact the RCIL Systems Advocacy Department.

For more information, please contact our Systems Advocacy office at:585-598-4862 or email at em********@rc**.org.

RCIL needs your help and as many people as possible.  We hope you can join us.  Our Facebook Event can be found at below link:


Thank you,

Dean DeRusso
Deaf Systems Advocate
Regional Center for Independent Living (RCIL)

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