Hi Everyone,

You may or may know about the problems with Customer Direct Services work programs. Some of the folks have been working on this secretly to spread the words to the community. And, they felt it was the right time to share with the community.

Recently, there were some Action Alerts that we send out to the community. Related to the Obama Administration and the Department of Labor. They have been trying to put through new rules that would end up cutting attendant hours and forcing people who use home-based services to choose between letting strangers into their homes or going to an institution. This takes away the freedom of these individuals.

The Disability Community has tried to talk to them, but those in Washington seems to have selective listening skills about this topic for some reason. Right now, we are going to show them EXACTLY what these new rules will do to people with disabilities.

The people with disabilities started a new website called, “DOL off My Body!” that can be found below:


They have rolling out different photo and editorials about this situation. And, they are going to show everyone how people can help.

CDR/RCIL’s own, Shelly Perrin, is featured in the first photo. Please let others know about this site.

And, help us fight Obama Administration and the Department of Labor to let the customers have direct control of who they want to serve them. Not some stranger… and giving limited funds to home based services.

Thank you,

Dean DeRusso
Deaf Systems Advocate
Regional Center for Independent Living (RCIL)

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