Hi friends and possible supporters!

Each year in spring, hundreds of disability rights activists gather in Washington, DC, to continue our fight for independence and integration.  This year, Rochester ADAPT plan for about 50 activists from Rochester to join 500 others from across the nation as part of ADAPT – a nationwide grassroots civil rights organization fighting to make sure people with disabilities can live in their own homes, not be forced into institutions.

Part of this yearly tradition in spring is now the annual “FUN RUN” for disability rights.  As you may be well aware, travel to DC and hotels in DC are expensive and getting more costly each year!  Much of ADAPT’s strength is that we are composed of the very people we represent.  We are a group of promising committed people with disabilities, many of whom have experienced institutional placement in the past and are fighting to make sure neither they, nor anyone else, ever has to go back.

While are strong in our numbers, our passion, and our commitment, we are not strong in having big money to bank roll our advocacy efforts.  That’s where the FUN RUN comes in!  We need the support of friends like you to make our advocacy possible.  Hotel, travel, food, bail… these are just some of the expenses of holding our government accountable to people with disabilities.  Without monetary support, many of our activists would not be able to afford participation in ADAPT actions.

I’ll be walking or jogging this year’s FUN RUN and I hope you’ll be able to sponsor me!  It’s easy.  Just use this link to go to my page on ADAPT’s FUN RUN website: http://adaptfunrun.net/runner.php?id=113

You can use your credit card or Pay Pal to make a pledge or pay on the spot.  I’ll be walking 10 or 15 laps, so you can sponsor me by lap if you wish.  The pick is yours that is 10 or 15!   You can even force me to jog 15 laps if you want.  Just make your pledge.  Not to forget that you can also just make a flat pledge amount – that’s what I suggest!  Whatever you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your consideration!

Dean DeRusso

PS: Remember, your pledge is tax-deductable


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