On Friday, April 19 starting at 11:30, a group of us met at Gallaudet University and marched to the white house for our ASL Pride Parade.  There were about 200 to 250 people there.  Check out the facebook photos.  🙂

I must have been in the front and back maybe 6 times to make these photos.  I even had a great time.  I only wish I knew who were in the photos.  If you were in the photo, please email me at FerretRex’s Contact page, or tag yourself to the photos.  I would love to have a name with the face!!!

Ruthie Jordan, Karen Christine and Patti Durr
Audism Free America (AFA) Leaders

Many thanks to AFA Leaders for a great ASL Pride Prade.  (((Waiving hands)))  Not forgetting, also to those who came to support America Sign Language (ASL).   

The day was very exciting.  I met many awesome people.  I am in touch with some of these people.  We all marched to the White House.  As we got there, the police moved the group to the place where they got permission to attend.  At that point on, AFA members and the community shared their thoughts.  There were many great speeches.  I will post a video of them later.  Enjoy the photos and stay tuned for more news.

Checking AFA: ASL Pride Prade, posted by Dean DeRusso on 4/30/2013 (100 items)

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More photos can be found by [clicking here].

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