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We haven’t been focusing on the Department of Labor and their proposed rule changes in a while, but that’s changing. New DOL Secretary, Tom Perez held a Listening Meeting on Monday where he and his staff listened to disability advocates from all over the country
and they heard a steady stream of reasons why these rule changes to the Companionship Exemption are a bad idea that will mean less money for aides as well as the institutionalization of people with disabilities.

If you don’t remember what these rule changes are all about, go to this site to refresh your memory:

We have a new blog post on the site as well as the opportunity for you to take action. Please read the post, share it by email and all of your social media outlets and if you haven’t already, Take Action by clicking the link on the blog post and sending emails to all the important people connected to these proposed rule changes.

Strangers In My House:

Word is, these changes are going to be approved ironically, on Labor Day.

So take action NOW that can be found as a link at the bottom of the “Strangers in My House” Article!

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Dean DeRusso
Deaf Systems Advocate
Regional Center for Independent Living (RCIL)

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