From: David Atias
Sent: Friday, October 25, 2013 10:39 AM
Subject: Thank you’s all around for last night’s Candidate Forum on Disability Issues

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated in last night’s Candidate Forum on Disability Issues!  The night was a great success as we not only heard from some great candidates for local office, but the candidates heard from US as well!  There was some educating going on all around.  I’m going to try not to forget anyone, but I wanted to send a note to give some shout-outs to those who made the night successful.

Voters – a great group with great questions for the candidates.

Bill Moran – our moderator.  A second year of excellence.

All the Co-Sponsoring Groups: AutismUp, Center for Disability Rights, Family Advocates United, Mental Health Association, NYS Disabilities Advocacy Association & Network,RegionalCenter for Independent Living,Rochester ADAPT

Everyone at The Strong Museum of Play – they were awesome and the technology was flawless.

Karen Yates – We didn’t see Karen, but she was the person who was doing the live transcription in a city far, far away.

Our sign language interpreters – they had a tough gig and did an excellent job.

and of course…

The Candidates – it wouldn’t be much of a candidate forum without them.  By early next week, we’ll have the transcript of what was said by all the candidates up at  I’ll send another email around to let you know about it.  But I would like to list all the candidates and their representatives who came last night as there were a number of candidates who did not and were conspicuous in their absence.  Thank you for coming last night:

  • Christopher Ciaccio – County Court Judge
  • Paul Irving – County Court Judge
  • Nathan Van Loon – Family Court Judge
  • Jim Walsh – Family Court Judge
  • Dandrea Ruhlmann – Family Court Judge
  • Emily Good – Sheriff
  • Joseph Morelle Jr. – County Legislature District 17
  • Alex White– Mayor
  • Jack Elliott – City Court Judge
  • Drew Langdon – City Council
  • David Atias– City Council
  • Dorothy Paige – City Council
  • Candice Lucas – City School Board
  • Ronald Hall – City School Board
  • Lori Thomas – City School Board

Most of all –  don’t forget to Vote on November 5th!

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