Sorry, they could not secure an interpreter for tonight’s meeting. Sorry no interpreter.

Will anyone want to join me for the Policing in the Spirit of Service Community Stakeholder Meetings?  FoxWise USA and Workplace Communications are hosting community forums to discuss RPD’s community policing initiative, “Policing in the Spirit of Service.”  I believe it is important to get input from the Rochester’s Deaf and hard of hearing community related to the police community.

In other words, there will be a new Police Chief being appointed.  We need to be sure this chief knows that the deaf community is here and we mean serious business about security of our people.

I am trying to secure an interpreter for Thursday, December 12th from 6:00pm–8:00pm at the Outreach Community Center, 447 Genesee St, Rochester, NY 14611.  And, I will share more informaiton soon.

More information can be found at below link:

Also, if you saw the news that happened in South Africa, the government provided a fake interpreter for the Mandela Memorial services.

This isn’t cool.  I hope we can Fox Wise USA and Workplace Communications, Inc. can secure an ASL interpreter for this Thursday’s meeting at 6 pm.

More news to be shared soon!  🙂



Thank you,Dean DeRusso
Deaf Systems Advocate
Regional Center for Independent Living (RCIL)

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