Hats off to the amazing ADAPT of Texas Chorus and ADAPT Choirmaster David Wittie who crafted the very witty lyrics and alert!  Please write a letter to Secretary of Department of Labor to help Tom know he was naughty for Christmas.

This Holiday Call for Action is brought to you by ADAPT’s Workforce Workgroup.

Please forward!

Tom Perez has been naughty, not very nice.
Basically he told ADAPT to  Go suck on ice!
You see, ADAPT wants improvements to some DOL regs.
Tom Perez told ADAPT to  Go suck on eggs!

But Tom, our attendants want good wages and we want to live on our own.
Tom responded sternly  Get OFF of my lawn!
Tom never had any interest in meeting ADAPT s goals.
Now we must rake Tom over the coals.

So send Tom some coal, it s not very hard.
It matters not if they re lumps, briquettes or charred.
Put the coal and your own message in a bag or a box.
‘Tis the worst Christmas gift since underwear and socks.

Send all of the above to the address below.
To:       Tom Perez
7230 Minter Place
Takoma, Maryland 20912

The letter must go. But, if sending snail mail is what you don t love,
email pictures of coal to Th**********@do*.gov

Now, brought to you from ADAPT s folks down in Texas (ADAPT really knows how to put the “X” in Xmas!), here’s a video that we hope you all will treasure.
Please use the link below for your viewing pleasure.


NATIONAL ADAPT MAILING LIST – Adapt Community Choice Act List

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