Hi Everyone,

In case you haven’t heard, thanks to our quick-hitting direct action last week, we have a meeting on Thursday, February 6th at CDR (497 State Street) at 3:15pm with Assemblyman and Majority Leader Joseph Morelle.

We’re going to be “asking” the Assemblyman to push for an amendment to the NYS Executive Budget that would pay for the impending overtime pay increases for certain home health care attendants that are coming due to the US Department of Labor’s recent rule changes. (To refresh yourself on THAT issue, visit www.DOLOffMyBody.org.)

These changes will result in people with disabilities who are now independent being put into institutions! The DOL has admitted this!

We’re working on getting as many CDPAS consumers and attendants to this meeting as this will directly affect them in a big way. But we also need to pack the room in general – especially if the Assemblyman is your representative. So, if you can, please make arrangements to join us on Thursday at 3:15pm at CDR. Thanks!!!

[Also: once this is over, we’ll be letting you know about an all-day, bus trip to Albany on February 25th. Details are coming but save the date.]

Thank you,

Dean DeRusso
Deaf Systems Advocate
Regional Center for Independent Living (RCIL)

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