People with disabilities have now occupied the NYS Nurses Association

office for 117 hours. The union opposes amending the Nurse Practice
Act which would allow attendants to perform health related tasks. By
allowing advanced home health aides to assist people, NYS will be able
to implement the Community First Choice Option. This Medicaid State
Plan Option would assure that people who are eligible for
institutional placement would be able to access services and supports
to live in the community. Significant federal funding comes with this
option. After days of negotiation, rather than accepting our language,
the Nurses Association created language that contradicts NPA.


Assembly Member Weprin, the Chair of the Task Force on People with
Disabilities: 518-455-5806
Assembly Member Cahill: 518-455-4436
Speaker Silver: 518-455-3791

Ask them to speak for us in the deliberations over amending the NPA.

We are not union lobbyists or lawyers. We are not legislators or
government officials. We are people with disabilities who want to
secure our civil right to live in freedom in the community. This
battle is more than 24 years old and we do not want to be forced into
institutions any longer.

Thank you,

Dean DeRusso
Deaf Systems Advocate
Regional Center for Independent Living (RCIL)

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