On May 4 at Washington DC, I will be walking and jogging maximum 25 laps for the FUN*RUN event that will use these funds to help disabilities who lack the funds needed to meet with their legislatives face to face.  These people’s thoughts and feelings are often missed because they don’t have the funds to show the world their dreams.  Let’s make sure that the Federal Legislatives hear all views before passing legislatives laws.

The two ways for you to sponsor me, one way is by mailing the attached PDF document letter directly to Texas, please don’t forget to put my name in the first page because I am represent all deaf and hard of hearing people.  In case my name is spelled as Dean DeRusso. Also, leave a Personal Note that says, “This is for Rochester group”  If the document is not attached, you can download it by the below link:

Or you do it easier by paying online at below link:

Any support will be greatly appreciated.  If you have questions please feel free to call, email or contact me at below information.   Also, please let me know you sponsored so I will be able to thank you as well!

If you would like to forward this to people who you know might be interested, please do so, remember it’s TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

Sincerely,Dean DeRusso
Deaf Systems Advocate
Regional Center for Independent Living (RCIL)


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