Hi Everyone,

Yesterday, you may (or may not) have received an email from Bruce Darling about signing up for the New York Disability Vote Network.  Bruce stressed the importance of creating this voting bloc in order to show our elected leaders that we’re paying attention to how they vote on issues related to our consumers and people with disabilities in general.

In order for this voting bloc to be fully effective, we need as many people as possible in the database.  But we don’t need just anyone.  We need people with disabilities AND those who care about them.  Whether we’re working to get the Community First Choice in New York, to create more affordable, accessible, integrated housing or to make sure Medicaid reimbursement rates are at appropriate levels, a large group of voters in the New York Disability Vote Network will send a clear signal to elected officials that they need to consider us when they are in Albany, Washington and even City Hall.

So please sign up as soon as you can at http://www.nydvn.org/individual-signup.

If you are already signed up or after you do so today, please share this link with consumers you work with, family and friends.

This is an important tool in our advocacy efforts.  Thank you for helping make it the most effective one it can be!

Thank you,Dean DeRusso
Deaf Systems Advocate
Regional Center for Independent Living (RCIL)

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